Fundamentals for all beginners Tuesday 3rd February

The fundamentals include basic coaching on the basics of CrossFit, it will offer advice and the explain the principles of CrossFit to all beginners, the cost is £15 per member, this is a must for all beginners so please arrange your weeks training around it.

Amy Preen
Kevin Davies
Matthew Rees
james Gardener
Will Griff
Alice Griffiths
Laura Jones

Anyone who can not make this needs to get in touch as soon as possible with a coach. I may have missed people off the list as well.

Any questions email,text or comment


Mini comp-Friday and Sat this week.

Fri and Sat mini Comp- who is in?

On friday coaches will be competing in a mini comp, 3 wods on friday and 3 wods on sat morning.

Friday will start at 4pm or 5pm and will take just under an hour to complete. Allows all people to take part due to work committments.

We want as many people as possible to join the mini competition RX but we are offering all members to join in. If you are interested, text, email or comment saying you are interested and we will scale all the wods to make them fair and competitive for all members.

Saturday will start at 9:30am.

Wods to follow.. Who is in?


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