12 reasons why we should enter The Athlete Games

12 reasons why we should enter
1. Although it is unrealistic to think that anyone from the gym will qualify in the top 100, it is not impossible !!! Should the workouts suit some individuals then we could be enjoying a trip to Manchester to support a male / female member of our gym !!!
2. Even if we don’t qualify it’s good to enter as for at least 3 workouts all members GO HARD.
3. It give us something to train towards
4. Creates a fun / ultra competitive atmosphere in the gym on the Friday nights (or however we decide to run it)
5. it’s only £10 (2 beers in modern day society)
6. Workouts are judged by staff. Should you feel that your always last on the board for time / reps this could be due to some others having poor self discipline and not hitting standards day after day. It will give you a true reflection of where you stand in the gym (Ranking)
7. It will act as a baseline test highlighting weaknesses in our own ability which we can then move forward
8. We get to check a leader board to see how far off we are 20 times a day
9. Just started Crossfit ? There is a scaled online version, or do the full one so you can test yourself
10. We get to have a beer after each one
11. Creates a focus / talking point in the gym eg how to attack workout , tactics
12. Would be the first time seeing some new people compete against the old guard !!!

All info is on the website of the previous post

So…. Who’s keen ????


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